Aleksandra Serova


Welcome to my website :)

Here you can see the main paintings I have done, a lot of sketches and illustrations.

I started drawing at the age of 4, so on the website you can find some very early paintings made before studying at art school.

Time of study at the university (Lenin Moscow State Pedagogical University, Art and Graphic Faculty, 2005-2010) is reflected by a considerable number of studio canvases and sketches. The main front of my work is open-air visits after graduation from the university. Alone or with my like-minded students, I do this every year, trying to capture all seasons and from time to time discover new cities and countries. In addition, I try to implement my creative ideas in illustrations for my own dreams, while they are still fresh and have not been forgotten.

In addition to creativity, I am happy to teach academic drawing and painting in my studio EternalartistsClub and I am always happy to teach people how to create beauty.

If you want to contact the artist about purchasing a painting, ordering a portrait or studying in my studio, you can write to the mail, call +7(926) 833-67-77 or write to any messenger. I will be glad